How to Apply

Food service establishments in the State of Florida require a license or permit, which is released by a regulatory agency. In Florida, there are three primary such agencies, the DBPR, the DOH and the DACS, each having authority over a different section of the industry. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation provides licensing for lodging establishments, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals and motels, fast food services and free standing restaurants, as well as mobile units that serve food service and bars that serve food. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulates the food service certification for grocery stores, bakeries and convenience stores, while the Department of Health licenses civic and fraternal organizations, detention facilities and schools. Whether you are opening a new business or you are expanding your current one, you need to make sure that your license covers all the food service operations or else you have to apply for another license. In order for the food license application process to go smoothly, you need to know which regulatory agency covers what area of the industry and make sure you apply properly. Furthermore, before even applying for a food service license, the law requires that you obtain a Florida food service plan review if your establishment is remodeled, converted from another use or newly built, as well as if it’s being re-opened after a closed period of 1 year or more. The plan review needs to address sanitation and safety concerns and you need to file the right forms and follow the instructions depending on the type of service you are operating. There are online guides that can help you submit your plan review step by step, but the truth is that the process can be quite overwhelming and time consuming, not to mention the fact that you are very likely to make costly errors that can lead to a prolonged process or even denial of application. The best thing you can do to expedite the Florida food service permit and review plan is to resort to a professional consulting company that can take care of all the paperwork for you. We here at FL FOOD PERMIT, INC guarantee a fast application process, an expedite license procurement and a hassle free experience, so that you can focus on more important aspects in running your business. We handle all steps of the procedure, from filing the necessary forms to submitting the application and accelerating the process of receiving your license. We also provide you with exhaustive information on how to apply for a Florida food service license before hand, making sure you completely understand the steps to be taken and what to expect from the procedural action. Contact us now and we will be at your disposal with detailed info and prompt service, so that you can open your business in no time!

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